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Health Insurance for Hospitality Workers

Hospitality Minnesota is pleased to offer hospitality workers access to a variety of health insurance solutions for individuals & families.

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Personalized Health Insurance for members of Hospitality Minnesota.

Finding health insurance that fits your budget can be hard. Hospitality Minnesota wants to make that easier for you.

Licensed insurance agents1 from HealthMarkets stand ready to walk you through your insurance choices. They can help you find the right plan at the right price that’s the right fit for you from a variety of top health insurance companies. 

Easy. Personal. Affordable. Options.

Health Insurance Options for Hospitality Workers & Families

Affordable Care Act (ACA) health insurance

  • Available to all who apply
  • Covers preexisting conditions
  • All plans cover the same essential health benefits

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Short term health insurance 

  • Budget-friendly options available year round
  • Flexible durations for a limited time (under 1 year)
  • Co-pay plans available

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3-year short term health insurance

  • Insurance for a longer duration, nearly 3 years
  • Preventive care and office visit coverage on many plans
  • Prescription drug coverage available on many plans

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Medicare plans

  • Federal health insurance for those 65+, or younger with a disability
  • Roll Medicare coverage into one convenient plan
  • Licensed help to shop and apply on your schedule

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Additional Insurance & Health Service Options

Hospital & doctor fixed indemnity insurance

  • Set benefits paid for covered services
  • Pays regardless of other insurance coverage
  • Helps with out-of-pocket costs main insurance may not cover

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Dental/Vision insurance plans

  • Cover what your main health insurance doesn’t
  • Preventive care on many plans
  • Choose from multiple benefit levels

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Telehealth memberships

  • Virtual visits to get care when you need it
  • Save time & costs over office visits
  • Stay out of waiting rooms

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Accident insurance plans

  • Helps with unexpected injury medical costs
  • Pays cash benefits directly to you
  • Can help pay health insurance deductibles

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Critical Illness insurance 

  • Cash to help during a qualifying illness

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Term life insurance

  • Help your family in the event of your death

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Hospitalization insurance 

  • Help paying for a hospital stay

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Hospitality Minnesota knows licensed insurance agents from HealthMarkets can help you save time and find health coverage that fits your life and budget.  Make just one call to get professional help comparing health insurance prices, plans and benefits from multiple companies today.

Not all products are available in all states. 

1 Licensed agents are made available through HealthMarkets, a national health insurance agency.